Vadose Zone Hydrology (GEOL/NRES 784): This graduate level course focuses on the flow and transport of water and solutes in unsaturated porous media. The course emphasis numerical methods and the course extensively uses a partially saturated flow and transport simulator for all aspects of the topics. Syllabus

Ground Water Hydrology (GE 484/684):  This course provides the basic introduction to ground water hydrology.  It is required for all Hydrologic Sciences Program graduate students as well as all undergraduates in Geologic Engineering. Syllabus

Hydrologic Field Methods (GEOL 701Z): This graduate level course emphasis “hands-on” training of all major methods and equipment used for both surface water and ground water investigations. Components of the course include a 48 hour aquifer test, geochemical sampling of groundwater, construction and maintenance of an automated weather station, stream gauging, stream sediment analysis, and aquifer slug testing and basic surveying. Syllabus